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Awards and Accolades

Tripadvisor ranks Gold—Diggers
in the top 10% of hotels worldwide

Tablet lists Gold—Diggers in the
"25 Coolest Hotels in the World"

2019 INDIE Congress
Awards Winner for Best Hotel Bar

2019 Hospitality Design and Experience
Awards Winner for Best Events Space

2019 Hospitality Design and Experience
Awards Winner for Best Guest Rooms


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LA Times

Gold Diggers is like if Sound City studios had a pub where you could drink with Stevie Nicks and then wander upstairs to a hotel to hear the band’s new demos and myriad couples’ spats down the hall.

Pro Sound News

Today, Gold Diggers’ slogan sums up the synergy the partners hope to cultivate: “Drink. Sleep. Record.” Artists can stay at the hotel for a few weeks, roll out of bed and into the studio and, if the mood takes them, even do a live show at the 150-capacity club.

Los Angeles Magazine

It’s an unparalleled opportunity to establish a creative campus where music artists and recording industry professionals can cross paths, share ideas, have a drink, sleep it off, and ultimately bring new music into the world.


The Gold-Diggers project is an architectural labor of love, preserved with an eye towards its unique history, but also providing the amenities associated with a top-flight studio and luxury hotel.


The adage “If these walls could talk” resonates quite literally at Gold-Diggers, a multi-hyphenate new boutique hotel, bar, music venue, and recording studio that recently opened in East Hollywood.


Music is considered the "fabric of the space." Thus the hotel leaves a vinyl compilation for guests to keep on turned-down beds. The vinyl is a collaboration between Aquarium Drunkard and Vinyl Me, Please, and the tracks will change every season.