Presented by Kingsize Soundlabs, Gold-Diggers Sound is a place to feel right at home in Los Angeles while working on your next music project. Featuring 7 professionally designed and acoustically engineered studios, we offer a range of studio sizes which can be tailored specifically to the needs of your recording project. The brand new plug-and-play studios, including an immersive mixing suite, are equipped with all the best from API, Neve, SSL, Universal Audio, Pultec Tube-Tech, Undertone Audio, ATC, ProAc, Adam, Neumann, Roland, Altec, AKG, Beyer, AEA, Royer, Coles and more. The campus also includes a multi-use soundstage, ideal for audio visual productions and events. With over 25 years operating commercial studios in Los Angeles and Chicago, Kingsize Soundlabs offers this state-of-the-art facility built to serve as your home studio away from home.

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